Tyson Fury shares photo of himself before remarkable weight transformation

Tyson Fury has proven that muscles and six packs do not define a boxer’s success, but the Gyspy King has joked that an old flashback photo prior to his weight transformation was the epitome of ‘peak male athletic performance’.

The Gypsy King has undertaken an incredible weight loss journey in recent years, battling back from depression and alcohol addiction issues to return to the heavyweight summit. At his heaviest, Fury weighed around 30 stone.

Fury has shared a screenshot of a tweet accompanying an image of himself prior to his 2016 rematch with Wladimir Klitscho, where the Gypsy King admitted he was ‘not an athlete’ before taunting his rival for ‘losing to a fat man’.

Tyson Fury found humour in an old photo of him when out of shape back in 2016, claiming he was the epitome of ‘peak male athletic performance’

He has since undergone a weight transformation and returned to the heavyweight summit

‘I don’t live a strict lifestyle, I don’t even live an athlete’s lifestyle,’ he said at the time. ‘It’s an absolute disgrace to calls me an athlete. You couldn’t call me an athlete, absolutely not.’

That rematch never materialised after Fury stepped away from boxing due to a variety of issues relating to his mental health, weight and drinking.

And Fury has poked fun at a fan’s tweet that included a photograph before his scheduled rematch with Klitschko, claiming that his frame was the epitome of ‘peak male athletic performance’, in defiance of modern sport science.

‘You may not like it, but this body represents peak male athletic performance and there isn’t a god damn thing you can do about it,’ the caption accompanying the picture read. Fury re-shared the photo on Instagram, writing ‘haha’ with the laughing emoji and ‘100’.

The Gypsy King, 33, once admitted he is ‘not an athlete’ prior to his hiatus from boxing

Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have long boasted famously muscular physiques

Fury weighed in at 19st 11lbs for his third fight with Wilder in Las Vegas, stepping on the scales fully clothed while Wilder’s partner mocked the 33-year-old for refusing to reveal his shape.

The Gypsy King took full advantage of his 39-pound weight advantage over the Bronze Bomber, pummelling the knockout artist after climbing off the canvas twice during an exhilarating fourth round.

Wilder’s decision to bulk up backfired in Sin City, with the American running out of steam after just four rounds.

Fury said earlier this summer that looks can be deceiving in boxing when discussing Anthony Joshua – who recently lost his titles to Oleksandr Usyk.

‘I’m absolutely quaking in my boots for the big bodybuilder. I’m s****ing myself because them muscles are terrifying,’ he told talkSPORT.

‘He looks good, but looks can be deceiving. If it was about looks, I wouldn’t be heavyweight champion of the world, would I? Definitely not, I’d be a road sweeper.’